Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catching Up

whewwww...it's been crazy around here.
{'tis the season!}
i had my second boutique last weekend.
just about sold out again.
so exciting...but, a little nerve wracking.
plus, i took orders for seven more aprons.
two bread/jam baskets.
a pie.
and a dozen jams.
the whole thing has ran ahead of me.
just a bit.
i bought my domain name a year ago...
but, have no website set up.
i've had several invites for other boutiques
{even stores}.
i have no merchandise!

miss randi made cute "green" bags/
and she completely sold out!!!
the women in this household are on a roll!

over the weekend, randi won a trophy and several "excellent" marks at
a composition piano festival.
{the trophy even had her name on it...she was very excited.}

we've been busy with the kindergarten "feast"...
the school wax museum...
christmas lists...
and thanksgiving.

as crazy as it gets...
i love this time of year.
my kids are so excited to decorate the house and watch christmas movies.
{i'm a little anxious too.}
i hate to admit it...
but, we've already been listening to christmas carols.
we sing {beautifully} on the way to/from school.

this has nothing to do with the holidays...
but, last week
{when my week was more than crazy}
i went to the bank
{feeling kind of yucky}
and found this note smiling back at me.
i saw the girl who stated this website on the today show several months ago...
i was so surprised to find this random note.
and guess what?
it made me smile.

happy thanksgiving week to you!

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Tiffany said...

You named your store after the street you grew up on?!? I always loved that named. So unique, and for some reason reminds me of a really feisty girl from the 1920's. Don't know why...