Monday, December 20, 2010

Back To The Farm

a couple of weeks ago
we headed back to the farm.
to see farmer jay.
and ride a combine.

and, as an extra bonus...
papa got to go too!

cade, once again, was super excited.
he was happy to see farmer jay...
and REALLY happy to have papa there.

this was a huge machine
that cut the maze...
and shook off the little beads.
{my terminology}

cade even got to drive the mighty machine.

pretty cool.
very dusty!

check out farmer cade at the wheel.

nana and i were waiting in the truck.
cade kept going.
and going.
and going.

these two have a very special relationship.
they are, truly, two peas in a pod.
farmer at heart...
my darling boy.

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