Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 2, 2010

last thursday began as any other day.
the kids got off to school.
mr. c left early to tackle a busy day.
and i began my usual morning routine and planned to spend the remainder of the day at the kid's school.
about mid morning mr. c called and said he was going to visit his dad.
the older mr. c has had health problems - off and on - for years.  however, things had progressed...bone cancer settled in to his body and by last tuesday he had been placed in a hospice facility.  it was there where we went to see him.
he had been "asleep" for a few days and didn't seem to realize we were there.  however, we talked to him.  held his hand. kissed his forehead.  he looked comfortable...peaceful.

after our visit, mr. c dropped me off at the kid's school and said he would pick us all up at the end of the school day.  i spent my time {decked out in my asu garb...showing my spirit for the asu/u of a game which would be played that night} hopping between the kid's classrooms.

mr. c returned a few hours later {also donning asu attire}.  he had already been to the grocery store and had a feast in progress.  we arrived home...excited to watch the game.  cheer for our devils.  eat great food and enjoy some wine. 
about thirty minutes after returning home, the nurse from hospice called.  mr. c's dad was gone.
my heart sank and i wasn't sure what to do.  when i asked the mister what he wanted to do he said, "i want to eat this great food, watch the game, and toast joe."  and i'm pretty sure that's what his dad would've wanted.  he loved good food and a good game...and that's just what we had.

the older mr. c was a man who kept to himself.  at least, that's what i think.  i don't know that i even knew him all that well...but, i do know this...
he was a man who loved, with all his heart, his three kids.
he loved the mother of those kids and appreciated her friendship - although they divorced thirty years ago.
his generous heart was enormous.
he loved the outdoors...sports...and his dog {who had passed away last april}.

i am grateful that i had the opportunity to travel to alaska with him several years ago.  he loved that land.  i'm glad i was able to sit on the fishing boat with him and watch him appreciate his surroundings.

i'm very grateful that mr. c and i went to visit him on december 2nd.  i believe he was waiting for mr. c to arrive...for a final goodbye.

we will miss you joe.  i know you are enjoying your views right now...at a lake with jumping fish...and pete by your side.


Tiffany said...

beautifully written, I don't know why I've been so emotional lately, but your tribute brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad to know your father-in-law is in a better place, hopefully with his dog at his side

Only A Girl said...


denise kimball said...

very sweet, and true. All of it.
You knew him better than you think you did. He loved you too sis.