Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa

last night we celebrated papa's birthday.
{a day late.}
mr. c prepared another scrumptious dinner,
while i handled dessert.

mr. c had the great idea of adding sparklers to his dessert.
the boys loved it!

{out of three}
of my favorite guys.

the dinner sparklers
progressed to a little fireworks show outside.
{it just became legal to buy them in az.} 

it was emerson's first time to see them up close.
he giggled and giggled.

and he couldn't pass up giving papa birthday hugs.

he was also fond of "frosty".
he sang christmas carols through out the night.

it was fun a fun evening.
my nana joined us, as well...
and mr. c passed out scratcher tickets with our dessert.
it was fun to see if anybody would become a millionaire.
but, alas...
none of us did.

happy birthday papa!
you are an incredible blessing in all of our lives.
we love you!

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anna said...

Happy birthday to a wonderful man! We stopped by your parents last night. It was so great to see and chat with them and nana. Camdon was so hoping Cade would be there, he kept telling Kendall, "I'm going to mostly play with my friend Cade but I'll still play with you too." ;)