Friday, December 24, 2010


every other year
at christmas time...
a piece of me is missing.

this little angel
pictured with me
alternates christmas with her two families.
and, this year, she's not with me.

we've done this since she was two.
maybe i should be accustomed to it by now.
but, i don't think a mother could ever be comfortable
with one of her babies being away...
especially at christmas.

so, every other year
my holiday spirit is a little damp.
and, i constantly feel as though something is missing.
i know she is happy.
i know this because she is surrounded by
wonderful family who love her.
i know she is blessed to have so many parents, grandparents,
and siblings who care about her...
when there are those out there who have none.

therefore, i will be happy.
even if a little part of me is missing.

merry christmas my darling girl.


breakfast at tiffany's said...

that post makes me sad:(

keep calm and carry on said...

man she really looks like you!!! beautiful!!!