Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas House

christmas decorations around my house include...
this centerpiece with glittery cones.
{which i made my self.}
{which created a glitter trail all over the house.}

ornaments old and new.
i have a collection of these...
my mom painted them while she was pregnant with me.
when i told my darling daughter this she said,
"wow...mimi must have been real bored when she was pregnant with you!"
{such lovely children i have.}

our christmas village.
or, cade's village...i should say.
he loves them.
and, is the reason we have this one.

the dining room table.
topped with a tree skirt...
and chairs covered with a fun gold fabric.

cade's tree.
donned with tractors, race cars, and all things boy.

randi's tree.
decked out with all things frilly and pink.

kitchen counter.
beautifully lit with votives papa made
out of a log my mom and i found.

and, in that little glass dish?
the MOST decadent toffee.
{made by my friend, kami.}

and finally...
my christmas banner.
what's a holiday without a banner???

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