Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rainy Day Photos

a photographer...
i am not.
however, my cute brother and his cute family wanted some pictures taken.
and, i have a good camera.
i was free.
therefore, i was hired.

it was cold and rainy.
i had to text my beautifully talented photographer friend
{her website  here}
to ask if it was even feasible to take pictures in such weather.
she assured me it was perfect skies.

i really didn't know what i was doing.
but, we had the location
{also from my friend.}
and i brought some fun flowers.
and i had darling models to work with.

that little boy is so stinkin' cute.

of course, my children had to get in on the action.
this one came prepared.
props and all.
and her darling outfit?
we put the whole thing together the day before.
{skirt, jacket, and sweater we found at a thrift store.}

cade wasn't into being a model.
he just wanted to play with little e.

ohhh...those boys.  giggling about something.
and randi {i'm sure} is telling them to pay attention.

this is the only pose i could get him to do.
{he's still pretty cute.}

it you ask emerson to smile...
this is what you get!

troy snapped a couple of photos of us.

see my pink pearls?
christmas present from mr. c.

she brought the book and bouquet...
and had this pose set up before i even knew what she was doing.
she wants an agent.
how old is she again???

although it was freezing.
and raining.
{and, although i have some photoshop programs...
i don't know how to use them.
nor, do i have the patience to use them.
so, pictures are "as is".}
we had fun.
and, hopefully troy and debbie will find a picture they like


denise kimball said...

Good Lord woman, you are soooo right when you exclaimed, "That little boy is so stinkin' cute!! If procreation is in their future, can I put in a request for a lil girl?

Their genes are magic for sure!!
you ain't too stinkin' bad yo' self mama!

keep calm and carry on said...

looks great!!! i love them!!! i want to play!!!