Friday, December 31, 2010

Snowed Out

a couple of days ago
mr. c and i decided that we should
head up to our mountain home
 and ring in the new year there.
our very dear friends {and neighbors}
were already there.
plus, a big storm was on it's way.
which meant lots of beautiful snow.

so, i canceled our new year's eve sitter
and mr. c sent our regrets to the host of
the black tie party we were going to attend.

we waited a day too long.
the storm did hit.
and it was a doozy.
roads have been closed...
driving conditions are less than ideal.

i sadly called our friends up there...
telling them they would have to celebrate without us.
as much as i wish we were up there...
watching the snow fall.
i'm happy here too.
the kids have been playing with all the neighbor kids.
setting off fireworks.
and relaxing by the fire...
eating jell-o
and playing MASH.
{randi just discovered the game.}

mr.c has put together the ping pong table santa brought him.
and, i've been lounging...trying to get over a little cold bug.

i'm quite sure we will all be snoozing...
having sweet dreams
when midnight rolls around.

therefore, we will be fresh and ready to enjoy the first day of the new year.

happy new year!

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