Friday, January 14, 2011

From the Mouth of Babes

the other day, while at the kid's school...
i was walking with cade's class when one little boy
looked up at me and said,
"are you staying here?"
before i could answer - another boy said,
"no.  she's going home.  because that's what she does.
because, i don't know...maybe she lost her job.
or maybe she can't find it."

yesterday, cade stayed home sick.
{he really was sick...although he's been wanting to stay home.}
we were in the car - on our way to pick up randi when he said to me,
"mom, did we quit home school because you weren't a good teacher?"
me:  "no!  sissy missed her friends."
cade:  "well, it's not all about her!  i want to home school."

this morning on the way to school
my honor roll student asked,
"how fast are you going when you are at a stop light?"
{it wasn't a trick question.}

and lastly, emerson's new word?
he even yells it at times.

happy friday.

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