Monday, January 17, 2011

Happiness is...

a big bowl of oranges and blood oranges.
{from our neighbor's tree.}
it makes a happy centerpiece on my kitchen table.

and, a tree full of lemons.
{from our own tree.}
i think i will make lemon cake
and lemon tassies this week.


Unknown said...

Ooh..can you steal some of those blood oranges from "our" tree for us? We so miss that tree! I'll trade a bunch of grapefruit for them.... :)

keep calm and carry on said...

oh man i wish i could have some lemon cake. the one you made me last year was to die for. feb 1st??????? oooh and make some blood orange flavored vodka and we can have a ladies luncheon!!! call sister wade!!! i heard if you let the vodka strew with the oranges for 2+ weeks, it's super good.