Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Intriguing Emily

meet miss emily spafford.
she was born in 1903.
she graduated high school in 1917.
she was valedictorian.
{yes, she was fourteen.}
at some point...
she married, had babies,
then left for the glitz and glamour of hollywood.
she was a dancer there during the
roaring 20's.
{i believe she was in some films.}
she and her husband owned a coffee shop on
hollywood and vine.
the story is a little fuzzy...
but, her babies were still in arizona being raised by family.
unfortunately, that's all i know.
she is my great-grandmother.
i am incredibly intrigued by her.

one of my goals for 2011
is to start researching my family history.
a little genealogy.
and, miss emily
may be just the person to start with.


anna said...

Love it! And love that you're researching family. That's something I've been dying to delve into as well...among a handful of other things :). Someday I'll have time, until then, i'd love to live vicariously through you! ;)

keep calm and carry on said...

are you serious???? that is incredible. those pictures are amazing. was she born in safford? texas? yeah... i want the rest of the story.