Friday, January 7, 2011

Kitchen Table

i love my kitchen table.
it is a big, farmhouse table...
that sits eight.

we have had many wonderful meals at this table.
drank lots of delicious wine.
told lots of funny stories.
played some favorite games.

we have read the morning paper here...
while enjoying a morning cup of joe.

from this table we can
watch the kids swim in the summer time...
and enjoy a fire during the {brief} winter chills.

this picture was taken a few nights ago. 
the kids and i played spinner
while waiting for mr. c to get home.
{upon his arrival, he joined us for a few rounds.}
we had dinner.
{the mr. had already cleared his plate when i snapped the photo.}
and then the kids and i played candyland.
{mr. c is not a fan of the confectionery game.}

in evenings past...
the blasted t.v. would {occasionally} be on during dinner.
sometimes i would shut it off...
{because it drives me CRAZY.}
but, more often than not
i chose not to fight that battle.
until now.
during dinner, the other night,
i announced a few changes for 2011.
no t.v. during dinner was one of them.
lo and behold...
turns out it wasn't a battle after all.
mr. c had my back.
and, the little darlins just said, "ok".

the other changes...
like their new list of chores
{with allowance}
and how they can earn and LOSE money.
those words created  a few more verbal thoughts from them.
so good.

here's to a new year...
filled with laughter around that
great table.

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Tiffany said...

TV in the background of any activity makes me crazy!! I think it's part of being Type A, but even now as I type and read, the TV is rambling on and I cannot collect my thoughts. I say, "Could you please turn that down" 100 times a day.