Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Thoughts

i wasn't going to post about it.
nobody else {that i follow} has.
this is my journal.
and years from now i want my great grandchildren to know what happened
and how i felt.
last saturday, a crazed gunman opened fire at a friendly political gathering
in tucson.  he shot congresswoman, gabby giffords in the head.
and she miraculously survived.
he wounded several people.
and killed several people.
one of them...
a nine year old girl.
i can't watch the news reports without crying.
my heart is broken.
and my mind is confused.
this lunatic was rejected from enlisting in the armed services,
had drug charges,
and had, recently, been kicked out of pima community college.
and told he could not return until he had a mental evaluation.
they felt "he could put himself and/or others in danger".
two months later he walked into a sporting good store
and bought a gun.
no problem.
please tell me how this makes any sense?
i'm not a fan of guns.
never have been.
yes, i would love to live in a world where guns were not allowed...
and everyone smiled and greeted with a hug.
no one judged.
everyone felt happy.
but, i know that is fairy land and that will never exist.
nor, will we ever be free of guns and violence.
but, can't we do something to prevent these horrible crimes?

in arizona, we have cut services for mental illness.
those who are in need of transplants have also been cut off.
they now sit on their death beds with no answers.
yet, a mad man was able to buy a gun and kill
innocent people.

last night, mr. c and i watched the memorial service televised from tucson.
president obama, mrs. obama, and several other dignitaries attended.
it was very moving.
my president gave a speech full of heart.
i loved his words AND his presentation.
he has a confidence and calmness that i admire.
the other presenters, also, did a nice job.
sharing scriptures and words of support and hope.
our governor, however, was...
well, less than tolerable.
{i don't care for her. her words. or her presentation.}

now, what are those scribblings i have scanned on the page?
a poem i wrote almost 20 years ago.
it's a little rough...but, consider the age i was when i wrote it. {a teenager}
i came across it the other day and, although i don't believe in some of the religious
undertones of the poem, i thought it interesting to realize
that i have always had a bleeding heart
with liberal thoughts.

in case you can't read it...

Society Molded
We are born in this world as clay
ready for someone to mold.
Through change and experience we grow
and the molder's hand we always hold.
What is it they want us to be?
A doctor, lawyer, teacher?  Really, whatever in them they see.
Can one not just grow to be happy and gay?
No, everything is determined on what society will do and say.
What a world has been born to have so much love and so much hate?
Everything is judged from the way we walk to whom we choose for a mate.
Society can not be happy with a person to be content.
Anything different is wrong and had to have been satan sent.
We are taught not to judge and to love thy brother.
and everyone plays this game until one gets jealous of another.
Then the world changes and war breaks out.
The people forget what happiness and love is all about.
It is forgotten we are all from the same creator.
It is just the form of mold that made one a lover or one a hater. 

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Tiffany said...

you are such a sweet girl with a sweet heart to match! I am catching up on your blog today, thinking of you, love your thoughtfulness, and your courage to post your journal page! It's neat to see the handwriting that I remember so well and the poet you always were :)