Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank You Letter

dear mom,
thank you for taking me to lunch the other day...
and making the skies in my world pink again.
i love being with you.  talking.  laughing. sharing.

dear mr. c,
thank you for working so hard. 
you amaze me with your work ethics and stamina.
not only do you put in 12 hour days...
but, you come home...happy to be with us.
{and, i can't wait to see the backyard.
i know it will be amazing!}

dear troy,
thank you for sharing your
computer skills and artistic eye
by creating a fabulous website for me.
{website announcement coming soon!}

dear cade,
thank you for having a great week at school.
and for wanting to snuggle the other morning.
i could hold you forever.

dear randi,
thank you for being so creative. {the fun pictures you did yesterday.}
and smart. {making the honor roll...again.}
and independent. {always a leader.}
you light up my days.

{picture of randi - greer 2010}

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