Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catch Up Time

the past two weeks have been...
school book fair...
{which i  - somehow - was in charge of.}
school dance...
{which i - somehow - was the designated photographer of.}
randi's valentine's dinner...
{which i - somehow - became the cruise director of.}
valentine's day...
{which i - somehow - became the cupid of.}
my birthday...
{which i - somehow - became the star of.}
: )
{photo: scrumptious strawberries i made for randi's dinner.}

randi's dinner...
the table setting was made of champagne flutes from the dollar store,
place mats - made by us,
and candy hearts.

after the guests arrived...
they mingled...
and made a craft.

the table setting again...
with my "be mine" banner.
{no party is complete without a banner.}

a few of the girls...
being girls.
{attire was "fancy".  there were 5 girls total.}

for dessert...
randi made "candy heart" cakes.

the dinner was held on sunday, the 13th.
it was a great evening.
 the girls dined on heart shaped pasta, heart shaped kobe beef sliders, salad
and sparkling cider.

valentine's day began the next morning with
heart shaped pancakes and fruit.
the rest of the day was spent celebrating with parties at school...
and finished up at mimi and papa's with a romantic
mexican dinner of homemade enchiladas, tamales, and other goodies.

my birthday followed a few days later.
it was on a saturday.
i made the kids get up and go to the gym with me.
{so i could take my friend - melanie's - class.}
once home, the kids surprised me with a "movie theatre".
it was cold and rainy here.
therefore, i showered.
climbed into my comfy clothes.
 got ready to snuggle with my babies.
i came in to the living room and found
a "movie theater"...
complete with a concession stand, popcorn, and drinks.
we watched ratatouille.
cade kept climbing on my lap saying,
"this is the best D-A-Y  E-V-R!!!"
{i truly have the B-E-S-T kids E-V-R!}

mr. c snuck in a few hours later and said i was not allowed in the bedroom.
he and the kids finally called me back...
and the above picture was what i found.

he had showered our room with gifts...
and four beautiful - red velvet cupcakes.
there were a dozen sterling roses...
in a darling pitcher...with 4 matching mugs.
three cute outfits...
perfect fitting riding boots.
{which is a miracle. to find boots to fit me. i have calf issues.}
a purse.
and 4 fun, funky necklaces.
plus, randi got me a super cute mouse pad
{that she made}
and tickets to the ballet.

that night
my parents took my little darlins...
while mr. c and i went to dinner.
{cafe boa...my favorite.}
afterwards, we stopped by some friends house and visited for a while...
had a few cocktails.

the next morning...
 my mom hosted a birthday brunch.
the food was scrumptious...
and the company was my happiness.
{except my sweet sister debbie couldn't be there.}
i received fun kitchen gadgets...
cute outfits and shoes...
interesting foods to try...
and a lunch date.

i hadn't been too excited about my birthday.
{and i'm ALWAYS into birthdays.}
mr. c and i had a lot on our plates...
it was the first time we hadn't gone away for our joint birthdays...
he was busy...
{a blessing}
and we had a few curve balls thrown our direction.
it was a GREAT birthday.
i have two beautiful children.
an awesome family.
a wonderful husband.
who loves me.

no matter what...
life is good.

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Tiffany said...

Yeah, you're ok! I always love all your pix of food and fun. How cute is a Valentine Party?! looks like they had fun <3