Monday, February 28, 2011

A Few Letters

{photo from state fair 2009}
dear mr. c,
i love you.
and your heart.
and your brain.
you are the greatest of men.

dear randi and cade,
thank you for being great kids.
and for performing shows for us.
and for having secret hand shakes.

dear mom,
thank you for the awesome day we had {the day before my bday}.
for trying dim sum with me.
and for walking around the antique mall.
and for laughing out loud.
and for raising me right...instilling self-esteem into my bones!

dear emerson,
thank you for yelling, "it's mindy!  it's mindy!" when i come to the door.
and for saying, "i'm so glad to see you mindy."

dear debbie,
thank you for calling me to pick you your little love bug.
{even though  you were panicking...i was happy to do it!}

dear troy,
thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us...once again.
the window is gorgeous!

dear papa,
thank you for being the grandest of papas!
and for picking up my little darlins when i was running late.

dear sisters,
thank you for making me run late!
our lunch last week made my birthday complete.

dear bill maher,
thank you for coming to phoenix.
and for making mr. c and i laugh and laugh.
and for being so damn smart and funny.

dear spring,
i know you are right around the corner.
and i can't wait!

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