Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Monster of a Good Time

this past saturday
i had quite an experience.
i attended monster jam
with mr. c, cade, and his friend. 

these two were VERY excited.
i guess it was kind of worth
enduring the event...
when i watched the smiles spread across their faces.

there it is.
this is what i watched for two hours.
{don't even get me started on the people...yikes!}

but, look at those happy faces!

his friend also spent the night.
this was a first.
for both boys!
they were hilarious.
they giggled and giggled.
at 11:15 - i finally had to lay down and read a book to them.
at that point...their sweet little eyelids started to close.
and, they popped back open at 7:30.
ready to play some more!

one more monster truck picture.
i know you wanted more.
{cade was disappointed i didn't take more pictures of the trucks.}

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keep calm and carry on said...

oh man. i guess i have that somewhere in my future too. i think i can wait...... hehe