Friday, February 25, 2011

Science Fair

the other night,
we had a fun filled evening...
 full of science.
{at the kid's school.}

cade's class showed us everything they have learned about
ants and ladybugs.
{they even had an ant farm and ladybug habitat.}

the big kids had to do individual projects.
randi did her project on baking powder...
and how different quantities effect muffins.
{she didn't realize she was in the picture when i took this.}
{and, that's a ribbon hanging on the corner of her board.}

the "mad scientists" were also there...
doing different experiments.
there were frogs and starfish being dissected.
{sorry.  i couldn't stomach taking pictures of those.}

randi put her hands on the electricity ball.
we all watched her have a "hair raising" experience!

the electricity ball made
these pie tins fly.

after the event
we celebrated at wildflower with dinner...
and cupcakes.

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