Thursday, February 10, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons... make chocolate chip cookies.

the other day
as i rushed to the school...grabbed cade...
dropped him off at piano...
ran back to the school to work the book fair...
i felt a little tap on my shoulder from my sweet daughter.
{a daughter who should have been at drama club.}
i quickly said, "hi honey.  why aren't you in drama?"
she replied, "don't feel like going today."
i stopped what i was doing.
turned to face her.
i knew something was wrong.
she proceeded to tell me that she just wanted to go home.
so, i drilled her with questions.
"did you get in a fight with a girlfriend?"
"was someone mean?"
"what is wrong?"
"i don't like math."

when we got home
she followed me to the kitchen and asked if we could make cookies.
although i had a couple million things i needed to do...
nothing was more important.
at that moment.
than making cookies with my daughter.

...and you smell beautiful flowers.
star gazers lillies are one of my favorites.
mr. c brought these home over the weekend
and they fill my entire living room and kitchen with their sweet fragrance.

...and you make the barefoot contessa's lemon cake.
and share it with friends.
{don't worry sweet sister friend w.  i will bring you some!}

my last few days have been filled with lots of "lemons."
however, i am blessed in so many ways...
and will continue making cookies, cakes, and smelling sweet flowers.

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keep calm and carry on said...

what lemons? we need to catch up!! over your delicious cake of course :)