Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little India

for my birthday,
troy, debbie, and emerson gave me some
interesting food...
along with some menus from interesting restaurants...
with the idea that we would go to lunch.
and that's just what we did yesterday.

{photo:  troy ordering our lunch...because i had no idea what anything was.}

troy, emerson, and i had an adventure!
{well, emerson and i did.  troy knew what he was doing.}
we went to little india.
it is a little "hole in the wall" kind of place.
{those are usually the best.}
it is a little market...
with a few tables and kitchen in the back.
troy did all the ordering and said it was the most authentic place he has found.
{he spent some time traveling throughout india.}

i think this is..
aloo tikki chaat.
maybe another kind of chaat.
it was delicious.
a little fried...kind of a dumpling thing...
with this yummy, spicy sauce over the top.
you scoop it up with a chapati.
{a thin tortilla.}

the center dish was a curry dish.
{and i don't mean curry's a type of dish.}
this one was made with eggplant.
you eat it with vegi rice pulao.
to the right is aloo paratha.
it is like a tortilla thinly stuffed with potatoes.
{aloo means potato.}

see this board?
this is why troy had to order.
everything was excellent.
each item was filled with intense flavors...spicy goodness.
and, it is all, you don't have to worry about getting some weird meat.

troy educated me on the country of india...
and the surrounding countries.
{he even drew maps for me.}
we discussed the cultures.
the people.
the religions.
as well as, the idea of staying in a monastery.
{which he has done...and i want to do.}

i always love my time with my little brother.
he is an intelligent man with a golden soul.
i get him.
and he gets me.
{which isn't always easy.}
plus, he has a pretty cute kid...
who melts my heart.

thanks for the adventure troy boy.


keep calm and carry on said...

hello??? i wanna go there!!!! let's go next week!

FitterTwit said...

AWE... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINDY!!! :) PS. Your blog is pretty cool yourself!!!