Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Play Ball!

opening day
of little league was this past saturday.
it was fun.
heart warming.
and very amusing.
{notice mr. c in his coach's gear.}

the teams were introduced as they ran the bases
carrying flags, banners, etc.
the boy scouts paraded the flag in
as we placed our hands over our hearts and sang the national anthem. 
{and coaches reminded the boys to take off their caps.}
{and, as usual, tears trickled down my cheeks.}

the phillies had their first game at noon.
they lined up in the dug out...
their tummies full of butterflies.
there is something about watching these young boys.
sitting on the bench.
full of innocence.
bursting with dreams.
the epitome of childhood.

their gear was placed in just the right spots...
glove, batting gloves, helmets, bats.

those big blue eyes...
melt my heart.

and #2 is up to bat.
{can you tell he's just a bit excited?}

he swings!
and hits a single.

and makes it to first...no problem.

randi and i had to leave the game about 15 minutes early.
cade later told me they hit a home run and won the game!
{didn't happen.  in fact, they don't keep score at this age.}

months ago, randi had purchased az ballet tickets for me.
{for my bday.}
the show was at 2pm saturday.
she bought 3 tickets...me, randi, and mimi...
but, mimi couldn't go.
so, we invited kami {randi's other mom}.
we had so much fun!
the show was fabulous.
the ballerinas were beautiful...
lean, graceful, mesmerizing.
after the performance we went to ra and had a few sushi rolls.
our afternoon finished up with some delicious yogurt from menchi's.
the three of us had a wonderful time!

this saturday will go down in the memory books.
i went from one extreme to another in a matter of hours.
i loved it.
every minute.

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Trisha said...

Oh my goodness! Cade is so adorable and grown up!! I miss you guys!!