Monday, March 21, 2011

A Project and Recipe

"white sale"
...make an all white -
monochromatic project.
this was my latest project for the PV design team.
it was a little challenging.
every idea that popped into my brain
was splattered with color.
so, i made a card and dusted it with white glitter.
{everything's better with a little sparkle!}
all of the grommets and nails were adhered by using my new toy...
the purple monster!
{its' really called the home pro - american tag co.}
i purchased mine at the paper vineyard.

i spent the day cleaning.
and cooking.
while the rain pitter pattered outside
and the wind howled...
i sang a happy tune while doing what i love.
{cooking in a clean house.}

tonights' dinner:
homemade french bread
chocolate chip pie

cheater's lasagna
{this recipe is so easy.  and so tasty.}

1 lb. ground meat {turkey, beef, pork}
or veggies {mushrooms, peppers, spinach, squash, etc.}
1 white onion
chopped garlic - diced
lots of cheese - mozzarella, parmesan
1 - 32 oz jar of marinara sauce {or homemade sauce}
about 8 lasagna noodles {uncooked}
1 - 16 oz. cottage cheese
1- 16 oz. sour cream
blend cottage cheese and sour cream together
saute onions and garlic - until soft
add meat or veggies.  cook through
add sauce
- now you will begin to layer -
thinly spoon some sauce in a 9x13 casserole dish
add 4-5 noodles {uncooked}
spoon half of cottage cheese mixture over noodles
sprinkle with cheese
spoon half of marinara mixture
sprinkle with cheese
layer with noodles
repeat ending with marinara
top with more cheese
cover and place in fridge...all day or over night
when ready...
bake at 350 for about an hour

trust me...
it's really good.
your home will smell like a little italian cafe.
{i've made the meat and veggie versions.  both are equally good.}


Marijo said...

Love your project! Isn't being on the Paper Vineyard Design Team fun!! Glad to have you join us. Oh, and how come you didn't invite me for lasagna dinner!!!
Marijo aka Scraptastic Grammy

Hedgehog Reader said...

Ooh! I am going to have to try that lasagna recipe! It sounds delish! I'm so glad you've joined the design team - your work is lovely and your blog is adorable! :o)

FitterTwit said...

Everything IS better with sparkle!!! Great job on this Mindy! I can't believe you got YOUR purple monster before me!!! LOL!