Wednesday, March 9, 2011


i have so many thoughts floating through my head.
i think i will just write them in my journal.
{the old school way.}
they are not mean spirited thoughts...
just different thoughts.
political.  religious.  you get my drift...
{besides, they are just ramblings.  frustrations from reading the morning paper!}
so, instead i will tell you...
...i am so proud of
and in love with this man.
he was invited to do a presentation yesterday
at the pv design center.
he did awesome.
{photo from venice, italy.}

while he was showing me around the design center...
he showed me a beautiful wine cellar.
and said, "you know our hall closet? i'm thinking we could do this there."
crazy man!
{photo from tuscany.}

wish i was here.
wearing a sundress.
maybe with a straw hat.
nibbling on fruit and cheese...
sipping a red wine.
{photo from freepeople.}

happy hump day!
{spring break is right around the corner!!!}

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