Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5 Day Re-Cap

it seems as though the last few days {five, to be exact} have flown by.
that time of year is upon me.
busy. crazy. busy.
and, to make things worse...i've checked out,
 spring fever is in full bloom.
i just want to play.
however, life seems to get in the way...

friday - spent the first half of the day volunteering at track and field day.
had lunch.
dropped cade off with papa.
began the three hour {round trip} drive to drop randi off with her dad.
air suspension went out in the rover.
had to park and wait for a tow truck.
papa saved the day.
picked us up and drove an hour to drop randi off.
{bless that great man.}

saturday - little league game.
checked on work/jobs with mr. c.
{had no choice. only one vehicle.}
had lunch.
returned to little league fields for team pictures.
{stood in the glorious, hot sun. for a long time.}
returned home...just in time to get ready for a night out.
mr. c and i attended the fundraising event where we met...
nine years ago.
had an AWESOME time.
got home way too late.
{the dive - mexican joint where we dined...after mid-night...was heavenly.)

sunday - tired.  so tired.
up with cade at 6:30.
went to dunk-n-donuts.
visited my parents.
cleaned out and re-arranged cade's room.
drove three hours to pick up randi.
returned just in time to take randi and cade to their first golf lesson.
sat and watched them.
i was hot.
and so tired.
returned home to a wonderful husband who had made dinner.
an amazing dinner.
for us and my parents.

monday - kids woke up early.
{too early.}
got everyone to school.
{with the use of papa's truck.}
cleaned the house.
mr. c and i returned papa's truck and got the kids.
nice evening at home.

tuesday - kids slept late.
canceled the carpool.
thought i would have a loaner car by 9AM.
let kids stay home.
didn't receive car 'till after 12PM.
took randi to school.
{she had a bake sale and drama rehearsal.}
visited troy and emerson.
helped cade with homework.
canceled cade's piano lesson.
canceled cade's baseball practice.
{did i mention i have checked out?}
worked on apron orders.
{and capes...i promised the neighbor kids.}
made dinner.
watched glee.
LOVE that show.
truly...makes me smile.
and. blogged.

{my love/hate relationship with my rover is officially over.  they took it away today.
i should have a new car in a day or two.
a sensible, reliable, affordable car.}

{photo taken on the property of the villa mr. c and i stayed at in cortona, tuscany.}

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keep calm and carry on said...

whoa!!! can't wait to hear about what you get!!!