Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Joys 2011

last sunday was a wonderful day.
{as it is every year.}
easter is probably my favorite holiday.
{it even trumps christmas.}
it falls during a beautiful time of year...the weather is fabulous...the colors...the traditions....
i love it.

we arrived at mimi and papa's around 11:00...
snacked on fruit and cheese...
and drank mimosas.

getting ready to find all those eggs.
{especially the golden egg.}
mr. c and papa hid 100+ eggs...
and there were only 4 egg hunters this year!

found one!

oh's a snail!!!
a big one!

team effort.

this little bunny found the golden egg.

now, that's a look of determination.
"i will find the most eggs.  i will find the most eggs."

this cute girl made her bonnet, tie and basket out of duck tape.

and, last - but not least...
at our house...
we dyed eggs on saturday...left them in their baskets that night...
and the easter bunny hid them and left treats in their baskets sunday morning.
cade left this cute note for him...i'm sure he loved it. ; )

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