Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Few Smiles

there were several things over the weekend that brought smiles to my face.
while checking my garden...
{which is sprouting beautifully}
i had to smile at this little barrel.
i am not sure of everything that is growing in it.
cade and our little neighbor planted seeds in this spot...
and they are not quite sure what they planted.
{but, they are very excited it's growing!}

after cade's game on saturday,
we {mr. c, cade, and myself} drove to cave creek.
had lunch.
and did some shopping.
mr. c felt we really needed this {very old} mermaid.
he fondly calls her
topless tessie.
{i must admit...i, too, have fallen for her. she is perfect in our new backyard bar.}
she makes me smile.

even better than topless tessie...
is the drunk monk.
we love this fabulous guy!
{i need to take another picture.  mr. c has embellished him a bit.}
he really makes me smile.

and last, but not least.
after seeing Rango, cade felt impelled to become a cowboy himself.
after he got all of his garb on...he came in and said,
"mom, i need a toothpick or something.  you know?  when cowboys have them hanging out of their mouths and say 'ya'll need to get out of this town'."

{he wore this git-up on a bike ride to have breakfast sunday morning.}
smiles. smiles. smiles.

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