Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Things

although my day is far from over,
it has been filled with lots of happy things...

this beautiful butterfly was all a flutter around our lemon trees today.
i could see her from my kitchen window...
and it made me smile.

these delicious cookies.
this recipe is a big hit around our home.
{and cade's kindergarten class.}

the grocery stores are filled with sweet bundles of daffodils.
i couldn't resist them at trader joe's today.
{along with lots of other things.}
they make my kitchen even happier.

other happy things:
*running "A" mountain this morning and taking in a gorgeous view.
continuing the run around tempe town lake.

*feeling the warm az sun on my skin.
{i won't be saying that in a couple of months.}

*taking my "bundle of love" nephew to his swim lesson.
he LOVES swim lessons...
unlike his cousin {cade}.

*watching him enjoy the above mentioned cookies.

happy, happy tuesday!

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