Friday, April 29, 2011

Being a Princess

earlier i said i wanted to be a princess.
i was wrong.
i already feel like one.
{most of the time.}
sometimes i'm the cinderella scrubbing floors princess...
but, most of the time i'm the cinererall glass slipper princess.
mr. c always makes me feel like one.
i love it.
he is my prince and i adore him.
sometimes, we have different views of this grand world.
i'm a dreamer.
he's a realist.

as we were watching coverage of the royal wedding {re-runs tonight} he said,
"it will never last."
it will last.
it will. it will. it will.
she's darling. educated.  independent.
and he is too much like his mom...a good person...a humanitarian...she raised him right.
{i know it is ridiculous - on so many levels - that we are even having this conversation.}
it's hard not to be swept up in the moment...she is being whisked away in a carriage.  a carriage!  and then walks on to a front of tens of thousands...adoring fans. wearing a beautiful gown.  with a prince by her side.
she is a princess.  on all accounts.

mr. c left the room as soon as he could.
he then came in later.  telling me that even bill maher ripped on the royal couple.
he {bill} liked them...but said, "come on.  they were born into this.  they haven't earned anything."
well, for the first time...i disagree with my dear bill.
she wasn't born into anything and he was raised by a woman who tried to show him all sides of life.
however archaic we think the kingdom may be...we do not live in england.  {bill nor myself.}
it is what it is.  i think william is making significant changes...updating the royal life.
plus, they seem to be in true love.
you can see it in the eyes...
i know that look she gives him.  that adoring look.  he's her hero...her prince.
and he looks at her like she hung the moon.
i'm lucky enough to feel that same way.

regardless of all this...
without thinking of what politics come into play...or how this young couple will or won't change the world...
it's nice to think that all little girls...whether they are 8 or 38...
can believe in becoming a princess.

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