Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

i told myself i wouldn't watch it.
i didn't care.
there was too much hype.

all the coverage got the best of me.
{i succumbed to the pressure.}
i turned it on this morning.
i just wanted to see what she was wearing.
{she looked gorgeous.}
ok.  now, i just want to see her walk in.
ok. i'll just watch them leave together.
{so sweet.}
ok.  i'll just watch them kiss.
{not once, but twice.}

i admit.
i loved it.

i remember watching princess Diana walk down the aisle.
i was eight.
and i wanted to be a princess.
now, i'm thirty eight...and still want to be a princess!

i'm glad randi
{who watched it with me this morning}
has Kate as a princess to look up to.
she's older, educated, independent...
and {seems to be} an equal partner to her prince of a husband.
a true, modern day princess.

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