Sunday, April 10, 2011

Singing It...Old School

last week, the kids performed in their school's spring concert.
we have had weeks...
months...of anticipation.
every night at dinner they would sing their songs.
the theme was rock through the years.
the kindergarten did...the 50's.

they were darling....
singing and dancing to blue suede shoes and blue moon.
ohhh...melt my heart.

a few days before the show -
cade said to me,
"our concert is next week.  and my hair has to be slicked back and spiked.
really good.
and.  i need to wear cologne.
maybe deodorant."
{although he was super excited...he almost boycotted the whole thing.
because he had to miss his little league game.}

the girls in randi's class did songs from the 60's.
a medley of
leader of the pack, mister postman, baby love, and locomotion.
they were so fun and sassy.

randi and her bff both found silver dresses at thrift stores.
they donned some scarves and make-up.
{randi even wore false eyelashes...she looked beautiful.}
these two were eating up the spotlight during the finale.
front of the stage.
dancing and singing their hearts out.

it was such a great evening.
once impressed with our school.

and tomorrow...
i get to spend the entire day at the school...
as a substitute teacher!!!
{i obtained my certificate from the state a month or so ago.}
this is my first "gig".
it's cade's class.
{for the first half of the day.}
the art teacher - randi's art class.
{for the second half of the day.}
so excited!


keep calm and carry on said...

so fun! I wanna see video!!

Hedgehog Reader said...

Oh how fun!
And congratulations on your teaching credential! :o)