Wednesday, April 6, 2011


my big brother {rich} sent my mom a message today saying...
"i don''t know what i miss more.

or poppies."

that simple question pulled at my heart strings.

growing up...
our pasture was filled with bluebonnets, indian paintbrushes and buttercups.
{and i have told the "legend of the bluebonnet" story to cade...upteen times.}

now, my views are filled with poppies.
{in fact, i have darling pictures of a 2 year old randi...sitting in fields of poppies.
just like dorothy in the wizard of oz.}

but, those bright blue flowers flood my heart with warm memories.
as does the sound of locusts.
the smell of honeysuckle.
and the thought of junebugs and fireflies.

thanks for the smiles rich.
love you.

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