Friday, May 27, 2011

Eleven Years Old

eleven years ago
this sweet little girl came into my world.
making me a mom for the first time.
she was three weeks early.
we weren't ready.
i was supposed to be running a city event...
a family festival full of street vendors, a pancake breakfast, parades, etc.
little miss had plans of her own.
{and, she still has a mind of her own.}
everyone's memorial day weekend plans were put on we awaited her arrival.
she greeted us on a saturday morning...bright and early.

at eleven years old...
she is {still} head strong.
she is confident.
she is honest.
she is smart.
{she just tested into tenth grade reading and seventh grade math.}
she loves lime green, harry potter, and anything chocolate.
she loves her family...all of them.
and we adore her.
the past eleven years have been full of joy.
and, i truly look forward to the next eleven years with this girl.

happy birthday buttercup.
i love you.

{she is celebrating her big day on the other side of the country.
in disney world....with her dad, other mom, brothers, and mickey mouse!}


anna said...

love that girl and her confidence!
What a fun way to celebrate turning 11!

keep calm and carry on said...

she sure is a beautiful little buttercup!! just like her mama!!