Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

my mother's day started friday...
with cade giving me this card and a darling strawberry plant.
{thank you mrs g.}

it continued saturday when randi gave me this card
with a super cute note pad holder.
{thank you mrs. s.}
plus, she gave me and my mom a book...
"my mom: style icon"
love it!

the kids and i picked up my mom {mimi}
saturday morning and headed to bisbee.
{a year ago...
my mom and i agreed we would go away for mother's day weekend.
my little angels joined us!}
on our way i was driving down the highway...
a pack of hell's angels zoomed by us.
i said, "wow!  look at that...hell's angels!  they kill people!"
my mom hit my shoulder and said, "i can't believe you just said that!"
i was sorry i did.
cade became intrigued.  scared. worried.
he asked a million questions and we had to explain that not all hell's angels are bad.
45 minutes later...
we pulled up to a gas station.
just as i was leaning over cade...
i heard motorcycle engines pulling up.
i just started laughing.
my mom couldn't even look back at us.
cade's baby blues were HUGE.
the engines stopped.
right by us.
as i got out of the car - the biker was standing right by me.
he was very nice.
introduced himself to cade.
shook his hand.
and gave him his card.
a "get out of hell free card".
you see...he was a member of a different biker gang...
bikers for christ!

throughout the day saturday,
randi told cade stories of ghosts.
haunted hotels.
haunted stores.
ghosts children.
ghosts sightings.
she did her best to scare him.

once that sun went down...
she wanted nothing to do with the ghost stories
or haunted buildings.
cade, however, rode the elevator to the "haunted" second floor
of the copper queen {holding my hand}.
and became engaged in a 45 minute conversation with a man regarding ghosts and sightings.
{he was like a little man.  hilarious.}
this man was there to see john wayne's room...
which we all saw.

i know i'm not pulling off the fun, bohemian look well...
but, it was so windy and one of the shopkeepers was wearing a scarf around her head...
looked so cute.
inspired me.
i missed the mark.
we had such a fun weekend.
i loved being with my mom.
we would shop.
stop at a saloon.
shop some more.

we went through tombstone on the way home.
it's a little too touristy for me.
my kids {especially my little cowboy}
loved it!

i'm so grateful for this little girl.
for making me a mom.
she's a good girl.
{a little dramatic at times.}
but, a sweetheart.

and i'm grateful for this little cowboy.
for making me a mom of a little boy.
for making me want to pull my hair out one minute...
and melting my heart the next.

and, i'm so grateful for my mom.
i'm grateful for lessons like these:
* catch the screen door behind you {or any door for that matter}.
* do not take glass out by the pool. {i was 20 years old before i knew this wasn't an actual law.}
* do not leave the water running when you brush your teeth.  and wipe out the sink.
* a little lipstick and a cute outfit will make you feel better.
* finish what you start. {this one takes me a while.}
* keep a clean house
* a good iron makes all the difference.
* thank you notes are {and always will be} important.
*helping others will make you feel better.
* if you forget to take a towel out by the will run around 'till you get dry.
*re-use your bath towels.
* shop the sale racks first.
* you might as well spend can't take it with you.
* when you always leave the house cleaner than when you arrived. {is this taught - at all - anymore?}
* feeling yucky? have a coke and a candybar. {preferably a fresh one.}

thanks for a fun weekend mom...
i love you.

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anna said...

great rules to live by! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!
BTW...Randi is so beautiful!