Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"A" Mountain

funny how something can be in your backyard for 20 years
and it takes going on a field trip with a bunch of kindergartners
to realize how awesome it is.

a few weeks ago, i accompanied cade's class to this glorious mountain.
it is the backdrop of ASU.
{my alma mater.}
i had never hiked it.
i go twice a week.
i LOVE it.
it is a super steep climb...
i try to run up and down it 3-5 times.
{it's awesome!}

this beautiful girl didn't share my enthusiasm.
in fact, she announced...
"i don't like endorphins!"
{it's not a long hike...but, it's a climb...and her heart was pumping!}
my other hiking partner was running most of the time..hunting for snakes, lizards and cottontails.

when you make it to the top...
this is what you see.
{ASU campus is on one side.  phoenix on another.  scottsdale and mesa on the others.}
the view is a bonus to the extra heart and lung work out.

we could even see the light rail buzzing by...
and tempe town lake.

i think {hope} the view from the top was worth it...
and appreciated.

not sure they are ready to do it again tomorrow...
well, maybe if they can play hooky.
; )

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