Friday, May 20, 2011

My Thespian

randi performed in her school play yesterday and last night.
she was a flower painter
{along with her friend, carly}
in the play, "still life with iris".

although rehearsals had been wearing on her...
and she wasn't sure about doing it next year...
once performance time came...she LOVED it.
{in fact, she said..."i can't wait to do it next year!"}

the set, the costumes, and the kids were
{once again, i was very impressed with our school.}

my beautiful girl shined.

when she looks back on years to come...i want her to remember:
cade saw it with his class and said "sissy was really good".
mr. c and i were there.
mimi and papa were there.
daddy, kami
doc and nana were there...
and they drove six hours - round trip - just to see her.
while talking to kami  {her other mom} she said they decided to come because - before they know it - she will be grown and these moments will be gone.
{i'm eternally grateful for her...for things like that.}

randi, you are a very loved little girl.
you bring sunshine into all of our lives.

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anna said...

What a lucky girl to have such amazing people in her life that love her so much! You're a good mamma! ;)