Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Snow and S'mores

{randi and me on the bus.}

last week, i was a chaperon
on randi's class trip.
{it was an overnight at summit pines in prescott.}
as we were driving...we noticed black clouds in the direction of our destination.
{there was a very slim chance of rain.}
just when we thought the "sprinkles" would clear when we arrived...
we looked out the bus windows and saw...

lots and lots of big flakes.
coming down fast.
however, it was a little too warm for the flakes to stick.
{but not too keep me warm.  i froze!}

right from the start we were assigned groups.
our first assignment was to create a name, skit and chant for our group.
my four girls were
the neon ninjas!
{they came up with that on their own...i just helped with the chant.}
after a fun day of obstacle courses, dissecting owl pellets {don't ask}, and learning survival skills...
we had dinner,
made s'mores over an open fire
{and i taught camp "the cutest boy"},
and headed back to the lodge where we performed our skits and chants.

all the groups were great.
afterwards, they opened the floor to anyone who wanted to share a talent.
i was amazed by the confidence of these kids.
the quietest ones would get up...
all by themselves.
and sing.
even more amazing was the support and encouragement the other kids gave
to the ones performing.
out of 47 kids ...
there was not any teasing or hurtful words.
{it warmed my heart.}

the next day we had free time to hike and play.
they had a {pretty good} sized rock wall in the gym.
randi - who has refused to go to the rock climbing gym with me - loved it!

she did awesome!

all in all it was a fun, memorable 30 hours.
as we were getting ready to go - i was questioning my decision.
{and my sanity.}
but, i want to take advantage of these moments.
when my daughter wants me to be with her on field trips and overnights.
{hopefully, she will always want me there.}

plus, it helped me remember the little, magic moments in life.
{i know that may sound corny...bear with me.}
as i was whining about the cold and wanting to move the activities inside...
randi's teacher was steadfast in keeping with the plans.
i'm so grateful she did.
as i gathered around the campfire and watched the kids...
i realized some had never made s'mores.
or sang camp songs.
or seen deer {or squirrels} in the wild.
or sang in front of their peers.
or told they were awesome.
or feel the snow fall on their hair...
and in those few hours....they all got to do, see, hear, and taste...
all of those things.

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