Monday, May 2, 2011

Super Citizens

last friday, mr. c and i arrived at the kid's school -
expecting to see cade receive a super citizen award.
however, we were pleasantly surprised when they called randi up to receive the same award.
{she was surprised too!}

cade was called {after sissy}.
he was surprised, as well.

i was so proud of both of them.
my sweet babies.


last weekend...
{when cade had been having way too much fun...and was way too tired}
he had a meltdown when his little neighbor friend couldn't play anymore.
he came in crying...
me:  "well, honey...go see if the other neighbors can play."
cade:  "no!  i don't want to."
me:  ok.  "well, come in and help me with the easter eggs."
cade:  "no!  i don't want to!!"
me:  "well...then sit out here and cry."
cade:  "watch your mouth!"

really?  moments like this i regret things i say...they always come to bite me!


the other night, while watching glee...with randi.
{yes, i allow her to watch it with me.  we talk about the issues and lessons learned.  somethings go over her head...some things have made for really nice learning discussions.}
anyway, on this episode they were learning to accept them for who they are and liking the things they dislike about themselves.  they had to make t-shrits with their "faults" printed on them.
{for example, "four eyes" and "can't dance"}
randi looked at me and said {very sincerely},
"i don't know what i would put on a t-shirt...there's nothing i don't like about me." very glad my children are not lacking in the self esteem/self confidence department.

happy monday!
we are having a little hooky day...
to hike A mountain and enjoy the last of the beautiful spring days.

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keep calm and carry on said...

ha! that's so cute. i love her and her confidence!!

too funny about cade :)