Monday, May 23, 2011

This Boy

last week, this boy participated in a "worm eating contest"
at the town meeting.
{their school's pep rally.}

his AWESOME teacher {mrs. g}
gave him all the instructions...
and lots of encouragement.
{his legs were shaking a bit...the nerves were setting in.}

he did GREAT!
{he came in second to an older boy.}

i loved watching him...
his nervous twitches...{like drumming his chest}...
his sweet smile...
his big blue eyes watching mine.
i'm glad he had the confidence to do it.
nerves and all.

today this boy is
all year he has fought me on going to school...
here we are on the last week...the super fun week...and he's sick.
kindergarten graduation is thursday.
we have to make it.
we just have to.

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