Thursday, June 30, 2011

Around Our Home

we are cleaning out closets and bookshelves.
{cade had been wanting to clean out his bookshelves for a he could take them to our favorite book store and trade them in...however, he lost interest in this job about 15 minutes in.  Good thing sissy offered to help.}
this is also what happens when anyone says "i'm bored" around our house.
i never run out of cabinets, closets, shelves that need cleaned out!

and this boy...
oh this boy.
entertains us {probably the neighbors too} with his drumming talents.

and, he caught a gecko at mimi and papa's the other night.
which, in turn, lead me to petsmart to find food for a gecko.
{it's crickets, by the way.}
i was going to let the gecko fend for itself...but, i had to listen to cade cry that he's "the only one that cares about the lizards, snakes and amphibians".

cade, randi and i went to a dback game yesterday {mr. c had to work}.
it was fun.  both of them were so into the game.
once we got home, cade insisted we play baseball.
where it's 116 degrees.
and.  i did it.
but, he didn't last very long.

and this sweet girl...
got braces.
she was full of nerves and excitement when she got them a few days ago.
she still needs 4 teeth extracted...but, by mid-august...she should be all set to wear them for the long haul!
they haven't seemed to bother her too much.
it's a good thing she likes ice cream and mashed potatoes!

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