Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Graduate

well, we made it to graduation.
{he missed the three days leading up to it..and he still wasn't himself...but, we made it.}
he was reluctant about going...he didn't feel great and i think some nerves were settling in.
but, he was excited when he arrived...and saw mrs. g and all his friends.

it was a very sweet program. 
i was crying before it even started.
{i'm getting choked up just typing this.}
he can't be getting older!!!

papa was out of town.
{watching another grandchild graduate - from high school.}
but, mimi and nana were there!

and one very proud daddy.
{cade was starting to wear down by this point...we were back at the doctor's office within an hour after the graduation.}

and a very proud mommy.
{a mommy that was going on about 2 hours of sleep over the past 48 hours...sleeping with a sick child - and making last minute teacher gifts means little sleep!}

these three received the
"three musketeers" award.
always together...these three.

as he graduates kindergarten and moves on to first grade
i want to remember...
he loves...
looney tunes
nat g o {national geographic wild}
micheal jackson
justin bieber
and he wants to be python hunter when he grows up.
{we'll see about that.}
as he graduated kindergarten...
he passed the second grade reading level!!!
{he's taking after his smart.}

i love this little boy with all my heart.
and, as much as i want him to stay my little boy forever...
and feel his little hand snuggled perfectly in mine...
i'm excited to see the incredible young man he will become.
{i just want to take it slow.}

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