Friday, June 24, 2011

Tropical Bliss

a few months ago,
mr. c made the suggestion of 
taking a family vacation.
{mr. c and i are pretty well traveled...but, we usually leave the kids with mimi and papa.}
"great idea!  where should we go?"
we were thinking hawaii...when my neighbor suggested clubmed.
{she works for the french owned company.}
she gave us some brochures...made recommendations...and gave us a deal!
cancun here we come!
then, mr.c suggested we take my parents.
even better.
we had the BEST time.
the trip was hiccups.
we had 3 rooms in a row.  two adjoining rooms.
mimi and papa took the adjoining rooms with the kiddos.
the resort was beautiful.
the people - unbelievably friendly.
and the food...fabulous!
for the most part, we stayed at the resort.
however, we took 2 excursions.
this first one was to isla mujeres {island of women}.
{the above picture was from that trip.}

while there, we visited a little sea turtle sanctuary and aquarium.

the kids LOVED it.

it was egg laying season for the turtles.  they come up on to the shore each evening and lay their eggs.
{mr. and i went out about 1AM one night to try and spot them...but, we had missed them by an hour.}

i just loved this.  fresh coconut and seashell stand.
{remember i used to live in cancun. almost 20 years ago.  so much had changed.
but, it was still beautiful.  and filled with gracious people.}

while on isla mujeres, we had the opportunity to walk out to the furthest tip and walk down by the sea.
mr. c, cade, and myself were the only ones to make this journey.

it was breathtaking.

our last stop on the island was at a beach club.
there, we dined on delicious ceviche and garlic fish.
and cade found himself a coconut!
{this kid was a true beach bum.}

the waters were magnificent.

since i took over a 100 pictures...
i will be blogging cancun in
{don't worry.  i won't post ALL the photos.}
we did so many fun things.
and laughed so much...
i want to make sure it is all documented.
so, we always remember these moments together.


anna said...

it sounds amazing! What incredible memories you've created for your kids...and with their grandparents! I would love to do that someday.

keep calm and carry on said...

Oh fun!! R looks so tan and C's hair is sooo blonde!! I wanna go!!!