Tuesday, June 21, 2011


our home has survived.
the fire is over 50% contained...and i think we are safe.
for now.
we will head up there in a few days to survey any damage.

however, there is another fire brewing in our state.
southern towns are being hit hard. 
many people have lost homes.
my heart and thoughts are with those.

on another note...
my absence in blogging is because we have been in
cancun, mexico.
it was hard to leave last sunday...with the fire only 5% contained...
but, the trip had been booked...and there was nothing we could do about the fire.
so, off we went!
mr. c, myself, the kids, and my parents...
enjoyed eight beautiful days in the caribbean sun!
it was fabulous!
many, many pictures to come.


Hedgehog Reader said...

Oh Mindy, I am glad your house survived! And what a beautiful place - is that a gazebo?

And welcome home! It sounds like you had a fun trip with the family! :o)

keep calm and carry on said...

yay!!!!!! these fires are crazy. my mom is in sierra vista, scary stuff. i can. not. wait. to see pics of your trip!!!!!

anna said...

So glad your little piece of heaven was spared!