Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cave Diving

{cancun trip...continued.}

after our morning of exploring the ancient mayan ruins...
we became even more adventurous.
we went cave diving!
along with a few friendly bats.
{i was shining the flashlight up saying, "look at the bats!"...
when our tour guide said, "oh no...the light will make them fly down to us."
randi...getting ready to take the plunge!

the water was soooo refreshing.
it was extremely hot and humid outside the cave...
{and swarming with mosquitoes}
so, the cool, mineral enriched water felt good.

the whole gang!
{not sure what cade is doing...probably looking for bats!}

me and randi.
however, it should be a picture of mimi and randi.
they were like frick and frack during this tour.
giggling the whole time...
and i'm sure doing things they were supposed to do!

it was an amazing experience...
once in a lifetime.
mexico is filled with these underground rivers.
unlike the US, the caves are privately owned.  it was interesting to see few rules and regulations on entering the cave...very different.
but, amazing!

1 comment:

Randi said...

it was so fun! i really was doing what i was supposed to! it was mimi who was giggling!