Friday, July 29, 2011

Exploring the Ancient Ruins

{cancun trip...continued}
before we relaxed and cooled off in the cave rivers...
we biked and hiked around some ancient mayan ruins.

again, frick and frack stuck together and giggled.
they opted to have someone pedal them around.
riding the bikes was not their thing.

love this picture.
this entire day was somewhat primitive.
{papa kept asking me, "what in the world have you gotten us into?!}

we were allowed to climb one {very tall} ruin.
the steps were very irregular and scary at times.
but, we made it!
{papa stayed at the the cool shade.}

the top.
the view was spectacular.
it was amazing to think we were standing in a place were kings stood...
and where sacrifices were {possibly} made...hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

my little sugarboos...
they were troopers.
not one moan or groan...
just lots of smiles and laughs.

me and my love.
{i'm so crazy about this man.}

a termite nest.
really and truly.
we were in the jungle.
we were very intrigued about the other creatures that lived there...
lots of snakes.
big cats.
exotic birds.
{cade wanted them all to come out and play.}

one last ruin.
we were not allowed to hike this one.
{thank goodness.  i think we were all too hot and pooped out.}

a great adventure!
from there we went to a - tucked away - little hotel...
where we dined on ceviche, beans and rice..
and cerveza.

off to the caves.
 for a little cave diving.

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keep calm and carry on said...

that looks awesome. that is the kind of stuff i love to do too. i can't believe how dark you and randi are!! everyone looks so good!!
i wanna go there!