Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation Over

{photo: haboob hitting the valley.}

mr. c came to greer a few days ago.
and brought me home.
{me there.  him here. he was tired of this nonsense.}
so, home we came.
i had mixed feelings.
i missed him.
i missed my craft room.
and, my brows needed some grooming from my aesthetician.
i LOVE it up there.
the weather...
my wonderful neighbor...
the hikes...
oh well.  i will be back soon!

while i was frolicking in the mountains...
a huge dust storm hit the valley.
{a haboob.}
and yesterday, i spent 10 hours cleaning up the mess it made.
{five hours outside!}
there was dirt EVERYWHERE.
and the inside of the house....
between dirt being tracked in and mr.c's baby powder,
{that's a whole different post}
i could write my name on just about any object in our home.
{in mr.c's defense...he is very neat.  nothing was out of place.  laundry was done. kitchen clean.  etc.}
but, today i woke up to a nice clean home.
and that makes me very happy.
{a messy home makes me very grumpy.}

happy tuesday!
{lots to do today.  and the kids and i get my sweet nephew to play with!!!}

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Randi said...

hi mommy...i just wanted anyone who left a comment to know about my blog! p.s. nice post!