Thursday, August 11, 2011

1st day of school...

yesterday was the first day of school.
we had lots of nerves {cade}.
and lots of excitement {randi}.

this 6th grader has been counting down the days.
she is an official middle school-er.
{same school...but, separate hall!}
she could hardly sleep the night before.
she was dolled up in her favorite!

this first grader was a different story.
the night before - he told me he was a little nervous.
the next morning...tears.
i thought he would be fine.
he knows his teacher.
{we requested her.}
and his two bff's are in his class.
thankfully, mr. c hung around that morning.
{hence the reason for that big giggle on his face.}
mr. c also went to school with us.
which, made the morning TONS happier!

{cade's hair?  he's into doing it himself.  all brushed forward.}

as for me...
i missed them.
it was only a half day...
and i was able to clean our home
and go for a run.
{which was hot.  humid.  brutal.}

but, i was happy to see them after a few hours.
and hear all about their days.
{which were "awesome".}

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