Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Mama

not only did we celebrate cade's birthday over the weekend...
but, my hip mom turned another year older, as well.

her big day was sunday.
we celebrated with a fabulous {as always} dinner prepared by mr. c.
{she specifically requested his filet mignon and shrimp.}
i put in my two cents by preparing a chocolate cream pie.
it was a perfect way to celebrate the day of a fabulous woman.
{how cool is she?  are you seeing the fab shoes peeking out from the hems of her pants?}

the other day i was thinking how lucky i am.
{in so many ways.}
grant it...i give myself some of the credit for that luck.
i make good decisions...and pretty much have for most of my life.
{a few hiccups here and there...but, those make me stronger.  right?}
i'm lucky i was born to an amazing woman.
a mom who has always been there for me.
supported me.
believed in me.
taught me how to make good decisions.
taught me the importance of education.
and the importance of a glue gun.
taught me to be my own person.
and to fight for what i believe in.
she made sure i was responsible and accountable for my actions.
and showed me how to be a good mom.

she has done all of this and more...
and still manages to be somewhat of a fashion icon!

happy birthday mom.
i love you.

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anna said...

What a woman, I love that lady!