Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fabulous Cancun

here we go...
the last of the cancun pictures.
{the fabulous trip we took in june.}

cade was a true beach bum.
he loved the water.
and with his blond hair,
sun kissed face,
and shark teeth necklaces...
he fit the part perfectly.

these two had so much fun.
and they were fun to be around.
they really appreciated everything
and enjoyed being together.
{for the most part.}

this little girl looked like a local.
{we were afraid they would keep her at customs!}
the kids thought it was pretty cool to belly up to the bar
and order cokes, sprites, and virgin pina coladas
to their hearts content.

{the all inclusive club-med was the way to go.  we LOVED it.}

i must admit...
pretty cute kids.

on a side note...
i had my hair braided like randi's.
however, on the second night of having them...
i woke up at 2 AM and began the grueling task of un-braiding them.
they were driving me crazy!!!
and, it took forever to get them out.
{randi, however, loved them and wore them up until we returned home.}

we had so much fun with mimi and papa too.
i'm so grateful for them and the relationship we all share.

it was especially nice to have a vacation with the kids...
and have time as a couple.
{thanks to mimi and papa!}

cancun was beautiful.
on our last night, a captivating moon hung over the beautiful
caribbean sea.

unforgettable moments...
from an unforgettable trip.


Randi said...

stop saying weird things about me! (although that 1 pic is so cute) i am going to post all the weird things about you ( and there is a lot) that trip was fun though!

Carson said...
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anna said...

ha, ha! ...i love Randi!

FitterTwit said...

AWE Mindy... I came here to post a comment about your WONDERFUL Cookbook Stand!!! I must say though, I wasn't disappointed with the Cancun pics! ;) SO FUN!