Friday, August 19, 2011

IV's and Bargains...a Weekly Wrap Up

this week ran past me.
{not sure how.  but, it did.}

and, it was full of...
happiness, relaxation, frustration, pain, and bliss.

monday:  mr. c and i wrapped up our four day retreat in greer {sans children.}
it was glorious.  beautiful.  relaxing.
we spent time with our favorite neighbors/friends.
we cooked.  ate.  sipped wine. laughed.  and slept in.
did i mention it was glorious?

tuesday:  enjoyed time with emerson.  we swam and ate cookies.
{i love being aunt mindy.}
picked up mimi, papa, and my two sugarboos at the airport.
they had an awesome time.  the kids could not stop talking and giggling.
{actually, all four giggled and laughed every time we called.}

wednesday:  back to school.  {one was excited.  the other?  not so much.}
then mr. c and i headed to my dr.'s office.  i was having a little {elective} procedure.
{because i had to have a twilight c had to be with me.}
anyway, i get the iv...go to sleep...wake up with my doctor telling me she couldn't do it. 
turns out - one of my tubes is sealed with scar tissue.  why, you ask?  don't know.
she had no answers.  maybe from my c-section?  don't know.
could this have caused my miscarriage?  don't know.
could this have caused the lack of other pregnancies?  don't know.
it's all a little frustrating.
i'm well past the baby thing.  {and given my age and the fact i have one working tube...i don't believe it is in the cards for me.}
although my {fabulous} doctor couldn't tell me why this happened...she said i was very healthy.

thursday:  filled in for cade's teacher {for a short 30 minutes.}
spent three hours in the school library making library cards.
left the school and begin to tackle my list of errands.
got side tracked.
i ended up at a consignment store where i had left things to be consigned a year and a half ago.
when i asked if i had any credit...i was thrilled to hear her say i had $118.00!!!
i had so much fun!
i took in piles of clothes to the dressing room.  bcbg, ann taylor, marc jacobs, etc.
{i was there for over an hour.  all.  by.  myself.}
i ended up getting several awesome pieces to enhance my wardrobe...
and, i didn't spend a penny!
plus, i still have $16.00 left in credit.
{my picture of this killer "i love lucy" swing coat - does not do it justice.  it.  is. fabulous.}

also...thursday evening - cade went to his first break dancing/hip hop class.  he LOVED it.

friday:  this sweet girl had oral surgery.
four teeth were extracted.  one was impacted in the roof of her mouth.
she had to have laughing gas, an iv, and was wheeled out afterwards.
she was so nervous...but, did great.
it was a bit more involved than i thought it would be...but, she just had a bowl of ice cream.
therefore, i think she will survive.
{photo was taken in the waiting room - while she was on the phone.}

friday night:  mr. c had to leave for greer.  : (
i guess i will muster up something for dinner...maybe a ramen noodle night? : )
and plop down with the kids and a good movie.

happy weekend.


Randi said...

yeah i did great...

Randi said...

why didnt u get michael kors? hello, mother he is only like the GREATEST fashion designer of all time! check my blog for his work!