Monday, August 1, 2011

Moments in a Weekend

as it has been many times this summer...
this weekend found cade stuck with me.
just good ol' mom.
mr. c headed up to greer.
and cade and i decided to stay home.
{a decision i kind of regretted.}
{randi is with her other family.}

friday night - i went out with some girlfriends.
saturday...we kept busy with baking, crafts, and garbage collecting.

i packed up my donation of white, lacy socks.
{never made them and easy.}
and mailed them to this cute blogger.
{check out her her blog for info on the project.  there is still time if you want to contribute.}

i made a cake for my sister friend.
{her birthday was a week ago.}
paula dean's banana cake with cream cheese frosting.
{but, i omit the nuts and add milk chocolate chips.}

we delivered the tasty treat saturday afternoon.
we were just going to stay a few minutes...
but, we left 5 hours later!
it was so wonderful to be with her and her family.
{cade had a blast with her girls too.}
true blue, good friends are such a treasure.

i made homemade cinnamon rolls.
i love to bake.  and, i love sharing what i bake even more.
i especially love baking with yeast...breads, rolls...lots of goodness.
{i get giddy with excitement when the dough rises.  it's a beautiful thing.}

as good as these are with our morning coffee...
they made a delicious dessert last night.
served warm with a scoop of ice cream and caramel drizzle.

this recipe - and my favorite bread recipe can be found
in A Passion for Baking by Marcy Goldman.
{my absolute favorite.}

and, while i was sewing and baking...
there was a garbage collecting service taking place.
{notice the blue and yellow trash cans in the background?  my job was to keep those the garbage man had cans to empty.}

speaking of the garbage he is.
{handsome.  isn't he?}
we had to create these yellow trash bins.
{thank goodness i have a craft room full of supplies!}

all in all, i guess it was a nice weekend.
even though it was hot.
{so flippin' hot.}
and we missed mr. c and randi.
but, it was productive.
and, i got to spend time with my dear sister friend.
and, cade endured another few days with mom.

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keep calm and carry on said...

ummmmm.....SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!! i can not.wait. for monday!!!!